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Please feel free to copy any of the verses on this page and use them as part of your greeting. We hope you enjoy reading them.

30th Birthday
30 years old and still going strong
You're looking good - so you've not got it wrong
So carry on partying - be wild and naughty
And we'll check again - when you reach forty

40th Birthday
You don't look it, you don't act it,
I can't believe it's true
40 years old? Never! not you
So put on some bright red lippy
Top up your glass with wine
If you don't tell, I won't
We'll say you're 39

60th Birthday
So you're 60, what a great age
To make all your dreams come true.
To travel around the world, as we always believed you'd do.
A single figure handicap is a bit too much to ask
But to drop a couple of numbers
Shouldn't be too great a task.
So have a great old birthday
Full of family and fun,
You may feel past it at 60
But think - next year you're 61

This loving message comes to say
We hope you have a real fun day
For you're a special kind of person
So loving and so true
And you deserve all the good things
That are waiting for you

May your days be full of flowers
Busy times and peaceful hours
Lots of fun and happy laughter
All today and ever after

Birthday (Footy themed)
Sending you wishes for birthday cheer
Footie on the tele and a nice cold beer
A couple of goals going your way
And someone you love to say Happy Birthday

Birthday (Golf themed)
It's your birthday so wishes true
Are sent with love from us to you
For a year that is full of fun
And even for a hole in one
May your drive be straight and true
That you birdie every hole you do

We send birthday wishes just for you
With lots of hugs and kisses too
Pretty flowers to brighten your day
And all this is just to say
We love you ________ have a Happy Birthday

May you celebrate your birthday
Doing all the things you like to do
And may you find the year ahead
Is a special one for you

Raising a glass and wishing you
A birthday full of dreams come true

We think you're cool, fab and great
And also wicked, foxy and fit
These are all the words we know
But we think that covers it
But in plain old-fashioned language
This message comes to say
We think you're a special kind of person
And we love you in every way

It's your birthday - your special day
With loving greetings coming your way
Cards and presents and wishes true
Are sent today from those who love you.

Christmas is a time to say, what we should say all year
You are a very special person and we hold you very dear
'cos you are kind and thoughtful in so many things you do
and though we always mean to, we sometimes don't tell you.
So we take this opportunity to say loud and clear
That you are loved and appreciated all through the year

Christmas is a time of wonderful things
All the excitement that Santa brings.
And chocolates, cakes and hot mince pies
And Christmas puddings of enormous size
Christmas trees with twinkling lights
Snowy days and starry nights
It is the very best time of year
Filled with love from those we hold dear
And so this card comes with wishes true
And brings our Christmas love to you

It's Christmas time, so let it snow
Big fluffy flakes of ice
We don't think it's wet and cold -
We think it's very nice
Then we can build a snowman
While we wait for Christmas day
And hope that Santa's reindeer
Can manage to pull the sleigh
On Christmas morn we'll wake to see
Lots of parcels around the tree
Some will say from me to you
And some from you to me
So every year at Christmas time
We bring love to one another
And sit around the roaring fire
Warm in any weather

Thank you

This little message - that I send
Is to thank you for being my friend
For sharing in my hopes and dreams
And believing in my impossible schemes
For comforting me, when full of woe
And never saying "I told you so!"

We hope you enjoyed reading the verses. If you have a few of your own and would like to contribute to this page we would love to hear from you. Please send your verses to

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